Welfare benefits

  • Operation for Celebration and condolence system

    - When there is the celebration and sorrow occasion for workers, wife’s parents, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, supported the occasion expenses and vacation according to the standard of celebration and condolence system.
    - Supplied a floral wreath.
    - Supported separately according to the standard of a celebration and sorrow club.
  • Operation of dormitory

    - Operation of dormitory for the residence convenience for the long-distance workers.
    - Support for the home appliances and convenience facilities in the dormitory
  • The others

    - Payment of awarding and supplementary prize for the long service.
    - Giving a awarding and supplementary prize to the good and outstanding workers.
    - Support the each club etc.
  • Operation of Welfare facilities

    - The operation of restaurants, fitness club, pinpong gym, jokgu field on the premise

[hunman resource system guidance-wellfare benefits]
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HR system-Human resources principle
Continuous cultivation for the people with future-oriented ability and expertise
Variable overseas training for global ability
Operation for the program cultivating people.

People Cultivation
A serious view for future-oriented ability
Objectivity and rationality – HR’ policies officially apply to the whole workers through the objective HR evaluation. This is for improving reliability and validity
of the whole HR system.
A suitable compensation through the result – accomplished fruits by the whole workers’ sweat and exertion are given by the official and
reasonable evaluation individually and organizationally.